The Everyday Ordinary

The everyday ordinary

Those everyday ordinary moments
Those everyday ordinary moments

This is a phrase that captivates my attention. Some people see it as the mundane. Some see it as boring, not worth capturing.

I see it as beautiful, inspiring. I see it as captivating and intoxicating.  Because it is in the everyday ordinary that we live our lives. Our days are composed of the little things. These days form our weeks, our months, our years. They shape our stories. And I love stories.

Enter new blog series.

Everyone has a story. Everyone is made up of a million everyday ordinaries that form an extraordinary life. And I want to share those stories. Let me be the first to say that I’m not trying to recreate Humans of New York. I’m simply trying to create a space where our stories can be told. When I think about what drives me, I always come back to stories. I’ve always loved them. As a kid, I spent my days making up stories. As a teenager, I learned to write them down. Now as a college student, I’m finding that the stories that drive me aren’t the ones that are made up. I love hearing people share their stories, their raw, true stories. I love learning about people, learning about them on a deeper level.

So I want to share stories with you. I want to introduce you to average looking people and remind you that people’s stories matter. They’re

bigger, deeper, more interesting than we could ever imagine. Because people don’t wake up one day and find themselves in their current state. Their stories are a journey. Often we don’t take the time to appreciate this journey or share it with others.

So come along with me. Discover people’s stories. Dive into the everyday ordinary and uncover the extraordinary that hides in those moments.

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