3 Tools to Fight Lies and Live with Courage

Fight Lies and Live with Courage

Kate Berkey

August 10, 2022

Today the lies come faster than I can keep up with—loud and debilitating—but I don’t think I’m alone in this. I think each of us experiences days like this when we fight to keep our heads above water. As the voices shout their unwelcome advice, they hold us in a place we can’t seem to break free from, and if they can keep us entangled in their web of shame, embarrassment, fear, and hopelessness, we’ll stay stuck. We won’t find a way out, and we won’t pursue whatever it is the Father is asking us to do.

At some point, you and I will face a giant standing in our way, blocking our view of the road ahead. On our journey from where we are to where we want to be, we will encounter a person, idea, or fear. We’ll confront a voice that traps us in our own thoughts and worst fears, and we’ll miss the invitation to join Jesus in the place He’s prepared for us.

So how can we move past fear and step into the places He has called us to? Here are a few tools I’ve leaned into time and again as I encounter my own giants.

Fight Lies and Live with Courage

Speak truth to the lies.

It’s what Jesus did in the wilderness when Satan tempted Him, and it’s what we do today as well! My desk is littered with truths. They’re not fancy. Most of them are on 3×5 notecards I stole from my parent’s house years ago. Some of them are encouraging notes given to me by family members or friends. One of them just says, “Abba called you here!” Speak or write truths. Shout it or whisper it. Let it overflow from the Father, and let truth extinguish the fire of voices screaming in your mind. 

Reach out to your people. 

You and I have to stop living our lives in a bubble, only letting people see the highlight reel. The Father created us to live in courageous, true communion with Him and others, so let’s practice this. When the lies scream and the voices shout their terrible advice, reach out to your people. Maybe it’s only one person. Maybe it’s a crew of people. It doesn’t matter how many. What matters is your courage and your authenticity in those relationships. Bring them into the mess and chaos of your life. The goal isn’t to receive a shower of flattery from them. The goal is to bear one another’s burdens. There might come a day when you can’t silence the lies on your own. On that day, you will need your people. So, let them come alongside you the same way you want to come alongside them in their dark moments! 

Give the Lord your yes. 

On a tough day recently, I felt the temptation to fold. I wanted to give up, give in, and call it quits. Did my yes even matter? Would it matter if I just stopped? Short answer: YES! It matters, friend! Your yes matters! Remember the story of Peter walking on the water to Jesus? Our guy sank under the waves. He took his eyes off Jesus in a moment and the water overtook him. Yet, Jesus still caught him, and we will tell the story of Peter’s courage because he dared to leave the boat in the first place.

More and more, I am convinced that Jesus doesn’t demand perfection. He just wants our yes. Even if we fall and fail and need Him to pick us up, He still wants our best, most courageous yes. That doesn’t mean we walk unafraid. It means that we keep our eyes on Jesus and walk toward Him as best as we can. So on the days you want to give up or give in, press in a little deeper. Reach deep into your gut and utter the word that leads you to Jesus: yes! 

Fight Lies and Live with Courage

Friend, on the days you think you can’t go another step farther, lean into the Father, lean into others, and keep saying yes to Him. He’s looking for your faithfulness not your perfection. When we give Him our trust and our lives, He will do more than we could ask or imagine. Over time, our courage and confidence will root deeply into His love, and His love will silence the lies! 

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