Let’s Meet at Taylor

DSC_0480These goodbyes feel like taking off the slowest, most painful band-aid. Each day I’m reminded that these days are coming to a close, and while I know that the best is yet to come, I’m still sad.

I’m sad because these are where my people are. We didn’t know each other three years ago. We were in different parts of the country, different parts of the world. Something brought us together in Upland, Indiana, of all places. We met here, we laughed here, we cried here, we did stupid things here. We grew together here. Those days that seemed to drag on, now feel as if they took only a few seconds. And now they are coming to a close. But we will always have this place.

So let’s meet at Taylor.

Mary Oliver once wrote, “I held my breath as we do sometimes to stop time when something wonderful has touched us.” I feel pain in my brain because I think I’ve been holding my breath too long. When something wonderful, something beautiful touches me, I can’t help but wish a second could last more than a second, a moment more than a moment. But then I am reminded that God is the author of time, and he has given me the perfect amount of time with these people, at this place.

So let’s meet at Taylor.

I can’t help but walk a bit slower. I’ve found myself on walks with friends when I should probably be doing homework more times than I would care to admit. When we leave Bergwall, we walk at a decent pace. We talk, we laugh, we make jokes. But as the walk continues, we settle into each other’s presence. The conversation gets a little deeper, the friendship grows a little stronger. And as we approach Bergwall again, we slow down. It happens each time, and it happens without much thought. In those moments we don’t want to leave the conversation, the company, the summer-filled air. As graduation approaches, I can’t help but walk a little slower.

So let’s meet at Taylor.

The best days are just ahead. But I can’t help but believe that in the years to come, I will look back, thankful for the people who came together at Taylor for a few, short years. We came from different backgrounds, different cultures. We met when we all just needed friends, needed to belong. But we bonded as we did life together in all its chaos and kindness. In a little over a week, this chapter will come to a close. We will say goodbye. We will part ways for a little while.

But let’s meet at Taylor.

Where it all began. Where we sat with each other. Where we walked with each other. Where we laughed with each other. Where we cried with each other. Where we encouraged each other. Where we got frustrated with each other. Where we learned how to do life with each other in the everyday mundane.

So let’s meet at Taylor.

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  1. Carol M. (grandma)

    That’s beautiful, Katherine. You have captured so much of life. And reminded me that we need to savor those special moments and be in such a hurry. See even an old dog can learn. Thanks for the reminder. Love grandma M.

  2. Carol M. (grandma)

    oops That should read and not be in such a hurry.


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