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A Cup of Gratitude

Amanda Schaefer

This week I speak with Kate Berkey. She is a writer, speaker, and missionary living on the north side of Chicago, where she works with refugees and immigrants with Devon Oasis Ministry. Kate is passionate about helping people, especially women, discover the heart of the Father and live courageously because of who He is and who He says they are! She and her co-author recently published their first book, A Place Called Braverly: A dare to live courageously, dream boldly, and influence bravery. Kate is all about family and deeply desires to help others find belonging in the family of the Kingdom of God. More than anything else, she longs to walk women home to the heart of the Father—their creator and sustainer. Kate is a lover of being on the water, running on Lakefront Trail, and gathering dear friends around the table. We talk about her childhood and her eventual calling to go overseas and be a writer, you won’t want to miss this down-to-earth and inspiring episode!

Confidence in Christ

Kala Yoder

Brave. Bold. Fearless. 

These are the words we use to describe things in the world, but are they words we use to describe how we walk in Christ every day? Today’s guest is Kate Berkey, a blogger, author and pursuer of Jesus who recently wrote a book all about this topic. ‘A place called Braverly’ is a charge for the women of God to live brave, dream bravely and influence bravery because the Father created them to be women of courage. She is an advocate for helping us each realize that we were created for more, that we can live brave, bold lives if we anchor ourselves to God. 

We All Need Each Other

Transformation Ministries

Kate Berkey and Kristy Mikel are longtime friends, ministry partners and now they are also co-authors of the new book “A Place Called Braverly.” Braverly is a real place in Mae Sot, Thailand where Kristy lives and works. Kate has also lived and worked at Braverly, but she currently resides in Chicago and works at Devon Oasis Ministry.

Digging Deeper: Unleashed

Nappanee Missionary Church

Hear the story of two ordinary women from NMC who have been unleashed in extraordinary ways. Kristy Mikel currently serves with Outpour Movement in Mae Sot Thailand. Kate Berkey is months away from a move to join Kristy in Mae Sot. As you listen, you will be encouraged to simply step out and obey Jesus right where you are.

Head to Heart Podcast

Jenny Marcum

Kate Berkey is an author & missionary who has experienced how exercising the muscle of courage can drastically change your life. Fear is universal & no one is exempt from feeling it, but everyone has a choice in what to do with it. Kate shares her story about how she took an initially leap of faith and stepped over the wall of comfort to find joy, purpose & connection. You can pre-order Kate’s new book, A Place Called Braverly, today!

Finish Last Podcast

Dan Steuer

Often, we think being a missionary means you have called overseas to another land, but what if God has called you to serve him at home?  Well our next guest does exactly that! In our conversation, Kate shares her journey of faith and how using courage and bravery are a big part of her journey. Kate also shares how to get out of your comfort zone more frequently in your every day life in order to grow your faith. In our challenge, be encouraged by the promise Psalm 27:14 holds and how it can help us dream bravely with the Father!

Carved to Beautify

Hosted by Alissa Tanguay

Kate Berkey is an amazing person with a heart for serving the children of God bravely in whatever capacity she is called to make a difference in the world. Enjoy this conversation and be inspired to listen for how God might be asking you to serve! Resources: A Place Called Braverly

Digging Deeper: The Way of Jesus

Nappanee Missionary Church

Pastor Tim Veenstra and Pastor Andrea Helmuth sit down with Kate Berkey to talk about the way of Jesus.


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