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Get to Know Kate

Hey there. However you found your way to this page, it’s nice to have you. 

I’m Kate, and here are a few essentials you have to know about me.

I’m daughter of two small business owners in Northern Indiana, and I love my family. I have two nieces and two nephews, and they are my joy. Someone try to convince me there’s a better job than being an aunt. I dare you. 

Family is crazy important to me, but my family isn’t just the people I share some DNA with. My family is all over the world. They are a group of women at a coffee shop and sewing center training center in Mae Sot, Thailand. They are a rag-tag group of Americans who also live in this town. They are people I survived college with and my coworkers. To me, family is everywhere, and I love looking for ways to bring more people into the crew. 

Home is a very fluid concept for your girl. I spent 18 years of my life in one house—a beautiful yellow house in the country surrounded by Amish and conservative Mennonite neighbors. And in the last for years, I’ve moved eight times. Home is many, many places, and to me, this is deeply beautiful. Home is Lancaster, Pennsylvania—home of an internship that felt too short. It’s in Wakarusa, Indiana—the place I lived the longest in all these moves. It’s in Mae Sot, Thailand—a quirky border town near Myanmar. And it’s in Chicago—in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. Home is wherever the people are, where the family is.

And family is everywhere. 

Friends, I love Jesus. I always have. I hope that doesn’t offend you. If it does, you probably won’t love my writing, because He’s all over it. My relationship with Him impacts everything, motivates it all. I believe we can see the fingerprints of the Father all over our stories—our ordinary, extraordinary stories. So I love to celebrate the sacred ordinary, because more times than not, I believe that if we look up, we just might see Jesus smiling at us and asking us to take off our shoes—the ground we’re on is holy. 

I’m a believer in creating space for everyone. I grew up with family dinners. They were the place we always gathered, and the place I always knew I had a seat at. This is the kind of community I love to cultivate—one where everyone is invited not just to sit, but asked to join in. Join the conversation. Join the laughter. Join the storytelling. Bring all you are. You are welcome here.

A few more things. I’m a runner—a crazy, marathon runner. It’s what I do. Believe it or not, it’s what helps me relax. I’m a traveler who’s racking up more miles than ever before, and I love it. Home is everywhere, right? I’m always down for an adventure…anywhere, anytime. I’m in. I love coffee—like good coffee, not sugary drinks. I also love chocolate and whipped cream and am a sucker for anything cooked on the grill. 

And I’m becoming—always becoming. I’m in process, and so are you. So let’s make space for one another in this dance, this becoming, becoming, becoming. This journey is always better when we can do it together. So let’s become together and celebrate the sacred ordinary. 

Let’s tell the story. 

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