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I’m Kate

Let’s grow in our relationship with God together…

I’m a blogger and author and pursuer of Jesus.

I believe you and I were created for more. You and I can live brave, bold lives if we anchor ourselves to the Father. He has so much more for us. He invites us into more, and more is what we pursue together!

I believe you and I were made for courage. Our God called his disciples to do the impossible—feed 5,000, walk on water, heal the sick. He calls us to do the same, and He calls us to do this with courage. We don’t have to live held in fear. In fact, we can claim the bravery He gives us!

I believe we were created for a rich and deep relationship with the Lord who longs to help us walk across entire oceans. You and I are trying to grow in your relationship with God, and I’m so grateful to be a voice of this in your life. When you check out my blog and book, A Place Called Braverly, my hope is that you find a friend who is helping you discover the Father’s heart and grow in your relationship with Him.

My husband and I live on the north side of Chicago in this beautiful neighborhood known as Little India. On the daily, I get to serve refugees and immigrants by teaching English, helping kids with homework, and leading a sewing group for women. Everything my team at Devon Oasis Ministry does in rooted in relationship, and isn’t this how it should be? Every now and then, you might read a story from the neighborhood, because I believe the people we get to serve have a lot to teach us about the Father’s heart.

Relationship is everything. My prayer is that you will feel like you’ve found a friend, a comrade, an amigo for the journey. You and I were made to live in community. Let’s figure out what that looks like in our crazy digital world, yea?

I’m also the co-author of a book called A Place Called Braverly. You can learn more here.

Hey. I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s pursue more together!

About Kate Berkey

A Place Called Braverly

A Place Called Braverly is a charge for the women of God to live brave, dream bravely, and influence bravery because the Father created them to be women of courage.

Too often, women allow shame, lies, and doubts to hold them captive to fear, forgetting that the Father’s design—for women to live with bold purpose and daring dreams. Every day, the café and sewing center Braverly seeks to empower and train women from oppressed people groups on the Thailand/Myanmar border, but its heartbeat extends well beyond Mae Sot. Inspired by the work being done within Braverly’s walls, A Place Called Braverly is filled with the vulnerable stories of two missionaries: Kate Berkey and Kristy Mikel.

A Place Called Braverly journeys through Scripture as well as Kate Berkey and Kristy Mikel’s personal stories to discover what it looks like to live bravely—saying yes in the everyday, dreaming beyond limits, and influencing and encouraging bravery in others as followers of Jesus. Within the pages of A Place Called Braverly, readers will interact with creative writing pieces, artwork created by women from Braverly, and unique ways of connecting with the Father. In the end, Berkey and Mikel hope to demonstrate how this heartbeat is more than just the mission of a ministry in Thailand. It is the battle cry for all women.

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Your courage matters! Your courage carries the power of Christ into this world, shapes nations and generations, brings the kingdom to earth, and sends light into darkness. This is why we wrote A Place Called Braverly and want to share it with you for FREEDownload it below. 

You did it!