Did you Know You were Made for More?

Kate Berkey

April 11, 2022

I can’t shake this idea. It fills my heart and mind when I least expect it and burns in my spirit. 

You were made for more. 

You were made for courage. You were made for abundance. You were made for peace. You were made for trust. You were made for relationship with your Creator. You were made for more. 

Stuck in Comfort

I live in a city obsessed with the American dream. So many in Chicago live for comfort, their paycheck, and all the things they think matter. I’m originally from a rural Midwest town, and similar desires exist there too—they just look a slightly different. Many people in my hometown live for comfort, stability, and tradition.

Hear me—none of these things are bad or wrong on their own. I also need a paycheck. Living outside my comfort zone every single moment of every single day isn’t sustainable or healthy. I crave comfort, too. I love tradition, but our Creator made us for more. 

Comfort is a deceptive friend. It lulls us to sleep where we stand, promising a fulfilled life, joy, and everything in between. It tells us that the bigger our paycheck, the more fulfilled we’ll be. Comfort tries to convince us that courage is overrated, that anything that fills us with fear or discomfort is the enemy. So, we live in this zombie-like trance, living one day to the next, never actually feeling fulfilled in anything. 

Friend, your Creator made you for more. 

Finding that Place of More

I think our souls long for a sense of purpose and fulfillment. We long for our true place of belonging, and each of us has our own way of finding this place. Here’s the problem—so many of us are trying to find this place outside of the One who created this world so long ago. 

I know not everyone believes the same as me. People from every major religion fill my neighborhood, and I count so many of them as friends. At this point, I have more Muslim friends than Christian, and I love them dearly. We don’t believe the same things, but our desires and the things we crave are so similar. 

Our Creator made us for more. 

More in Faith

I believe we’ll only find “more” in Jesus. In Him, our lives experience more fulfillment and joy and life and peace than we ever could in any other religion or paycheck or social status. Through Him, we encounter a God who delights when we call Him Abba, Father, and because of Him, we carry God with us through the Holy Spirit. 

He created us for more—more courage, fulfillment, peace, joy, more of the things that matter. Friend, I’ve been where you are. I’ve felt perfectly comfortable and safe but also entirely bored and unfulfilled in ways that truly matter. Maybe you follow Jesus, and you still feel this way. I’ve been there. I get it. Our world, culture, and those around us promise us much but deliver little. Maybe you have no desire to follow Jesus, but you somehow stumbled across this blog. You feel like something is missing in your heart of hearts. You’re searching and seeking but also incredibly turned off by religion and faith. 

I get it. Religion also promises a lot and usually delivers little. I’m not inviting you to religion. I’m inviting you to community, to a relationship with a God who sees you and knows you and loves you. 

Your Creator Made you for More

Friend, God made you for more, and in Him we experience more than we could ask or imagine. Would you join me on a journey to discover what more looks like? If you’ve been following Jesus for any time, would you allow the Lord to speak to you? Would you allow Him to change your heart bit by bit? If you don’t identify with any religion or feel skeptical of it, would you still come? I have nothing to gain from you choosing to follow Jesus. Only you do, and in Him, you just might experience that peace and belonging and joy you’ve sought after for so long. 

Friend, Abba Father created you for so much more. 
Let’s find this more.  

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