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A Note To My Team

May 18, 2020 4 min read

The post that follows, is a bit different than what I normally write, but in these uncertain times, I have found myself so grateful for those who have been my team, my allies, my support. So here is a note to my team.

I treasure the 10th day of every month.

January 10
February 10
March 10
April 10
You get it.

I look forward to it—waiting like I used to wait for my friends to show up for a playdate. On this day every month, a report lands in my inbox. It has names, addresses, and phone numbers. Even for someone who disdains spreadsheet, this one fills me with incredible joy. 

Because on the 10th day of every month, I receive my support report—a list of those who have helped financially support my work and ministry. 

It’s never about the total amount given—at least I try to trust Jesus with that. It’s about the people and the humility that washes over me as I read line after line after line after line. 

The Fundraising Struggle

Can I be honest? I don’t enjoy raising money. Ask almost any missionary or nonprofit director. Most of us have to fundraise, but we don’t enjoy asking for money. We’d love to receive a secure paycheck plus benefits. I’ve made a bargain with God. I’ll do a few more years of this fundraising thing, but then I’d like a salary like everyone else—please and thank you. 

We’ll just see how that goes. 

Raising my salary is vulnerable. It’s scary and unknown—filled with more questions than answers. Each month, I don’t know who will give or how much. I wonder if I should do more—send more emails, write more letters, post more updates on social media to give people a picture of what and who they support. 

Fundraising is difficult.

But on the 10th, I try to forget the challenges. I read name after name, line after line, person after person. 

And I remember that I’m never alone or forgotten, and this is humbling. 

What You Give Me

Each month the Lord uses His Church all over the world to provide for people like me. That still small voice that tells you to give to a certain church or missionary or nonprofit—that’s the Holy Spirit, and I’m so grateful for Him. 

And I’m so grateful for you. 

These days I often think of my supporters. I wonder how they’re coping with all of the changes around them. I’ve had to make some challenging decisions—postponing moves and the ministry I told them I would be doing by March. It’s all been on pause and I’ve wondered what they’ve thought about my decisions. 

And then the 10th rolls along, and I open the spreadsheet. I see name after name, line after line, person after person, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and humility. And recently, another feeling has overwhelmed and intoxicated me—honor. 

Our world is in chaos and turmoil. Before the days of quarantine and COVID-19, most of us thought we held some control. We knew when paychecks would come and the state of our retirement portfolio. We thought we knew what we could count on. In reality, we couldn’t—much like my fundraising self. 

We’ve never been in control, and we’re confronted by this reality each day. 

Still, day after day, month after month, season after season, people give. They send checks and trust people or organizations. With every note of encouragement or prayer or financial gift, they speak love.

“I see you, believe in you, and support you,” they say.

This is humbling. 
This is honoring. 
And I am overwhelmed by it all. 

It’s Worth Repeating…

In nearly every letter to my team, I tell them how grateful I am. I remind them that I couldn’t do this life and work and ministry without them. And I worry this repetition makes my words sound fake or shallow.

But I truly, deeply mean each word.

You humble me. I feel humbled that you would choose to support, encourage, and pray for me. Emails and notes from friends and family and complete strangers have moved me to tears. I have borrowed courage from you and found the strength to fight another day.

You and your decisions honor me. I feel honored that you would choose to care for me. I feel honored that you believe in me and the calling the Father has put on my life. You honor me, and this leaves me breathless. 

Every month, the 10th day rolls around, and another automatic report drops into my inbox. A red notification appears in the upper right corner of the mail app. 

And on that day, you overwhelm me. 

I am humbled by you. 
I am honored by you. 
And I am so grateful for you. 

So my dear team of fighters and warriors and encouragers and supporters, thank you. Thank you for the ways you keep me going. You believe in the calling the Father has put on my life. Thank you for trusting me enough to give some of your valuable financial resources. You are the hands and feet of Jesus—tangible answers to my prayers. Thank you.

I am so grateful for you, and I couldn’t do this without you. 

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