The Pollution of Busyness: An Intro

free image pollution 2

My life sometimes feels like Mexico City. The thing about Mexico City is that it lies in a sort of bowl, a valley. The air is stagnate; it doesn’t move with the same wind patterns as most other places in the world. So once the air is filled with pollution, it is very hard to get rid of.

My life is Mexico City.

I live in routine, a sort of bowl. Once the routine begins, it takes a definite break to stop the pattern of everyday. The pollution of busyness seeps into my life, clouding over all that was good and noble. The beauty becomes foggy. Busy becomes reality.

But I am tired of thinking that busy is the only option, because it is not. I am choosing to say no to busy, choosing to believe that I can control my commitments and obligations by simply saying “yes” or “no.”

And I am saying no to the pollution that has ravaged my life this semester.

I am saying no to busyness.

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