New Beginnings


It’s a new school year, a new feeling, a new beginning. This year is new in so many ways. Some days the fun changes outweigh the not as fun changes, but some days can never balance. The homework load makes me think of those old cartoons where a stressed looking man or woman is sitting in a cubicle with piles upon piles of folders and paperwork surrounding them.

But this new is good.

I’m no longer a freshman, which means that I actually know people here at Taylor. I have connections and am much more confident when making friends. Some friends have changed, broken under the distance of summer. Yet, so many friendships have picked up right where we left off. This year I also have the awesome opportunity of being a leader on my floor.

So I’m learning that change is good. New beginnings are good. I think I would be bored if this year looked remotely like last year. Change requires a shift in attitude. New beginnings require a shift in attitude.

Like a sunrise, I await for the possibilities of a new year, a new beginning.

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