Freedom and Other Things

I used to think that America was the most free country on this planet, and while I’m sure this is still mostly the case, I have to wonder sometimes. In a day and age where our culture seems to lust for the shallow, the insignificant, the fleeting, we are loosing more and more of our freedom. Recently there has been a call to change “Freedom of Religion” to “Freedom of Worship.” As a Christian, this terrifies me. It terrifies me that all over the world, those who are pursuing Christ are under attack. It terrifies me that the most free country in the world is slowing straining freedom from culture. Some people may see faith as a limit to government, to life, to society. To me, it is the foundation to the way I live my life.

I will stand by my ethics and morals that I believe are founded in Biblical truth. Where does our society get its ethics? If you don’t belong to some religious society, where do you get your morals? Has our culture really digressed to sensuality, to whatever feels good must be right? Really? Have we become so focused on tolerance that a group has forgotten to be tolerant of the ones standing by their morals? Last I checked, tolerance has to be extended both ways otherwise it is only an attack.

Now I’m not saying that Christians have this right. Trust me, there are many Christians who I just want to shake. Yet, when my way of life is threatened by those screaming for more tolerance, I find myself shaking my head.

I’m not looking to limit other people’s freedom when I stand by my morals. I realize that my generation and those before me are dropping the ball when it comes to standards that the U.S. will stand by. But why would you limit freedom of religion? Why would you allow a governing body to change a constiution that has served us well for over two hundred years?

Its when I hear news like this that I shake my head and wonder, where is our society heading?

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  1. This is something that has concerned me as well. It has been coming for a while now, but it seems that in the past couple of years this has intensified. You’ve hit the nail on the head so well of this that I can’t say anything further, I agree with everything written here.


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